New York fashion week wrapped up just a few days ago. Click inside to find out the best shows! 

New York fashion week wrapped up just a few days ago. Click inside to find out the best shows! 

When it comes to picking my favorite fashion week, I always go with New York. Yes, London is the funkiest and youngest; yes, Milan is the most sophisticated and yes, Paris is the most glamourous but New York? New York has is all. Much like the city where it’s held, New York’s fashion week is alive, ever-changing and never boring. Here fashion legends like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta present their collections alongside newcomers the likes of Rosie Assoulin, who has been making a name for herself with her simple yet exaggerated couture-like creations, or Giulietta’s Sofia Sizzi, an Italian designer with a passion for the sixties and a huge amount of talent.

Giulietta  Rosie Assoulin

All these different voices, ideas and inspirations effortlessly blend together creating an exhilarating chaos that is the signature of this city and this fashion week.
Alexander Wang
Of course, to stand out in such a big crowd of idea - and clothes- it’s no easy task but there have been designers who have managed to do just fine delivering, year after year, exciting and innovative shows and this year was no exception.
It’s the case of AlexanderWang who, since his debut in 2007, has been a critic and costumer favorite with his clever and inventive runway shows. This year was no different. His collection was more polished and elegant than what we’ve come to expect but the neon colors, the use of the materials and the sporty elements gave it the overall carefree feeling that’s the key to Wang’s style. 
Just as outstanding, but with a completely different vibe, was Delpozo’s third New York collection. The minimal yet whimsical and dreamy clothes that the Madrid based designer, Josep Font presented were, simply put, perfect. Their construction level was impeccable as always but it was the balance between heavy and light that really made the clothes look somehow enchanted and unforgettable.
Another stand out was Marc Jacob’s collection. The designer, who has been known to always push the boundaries in his fashion shows, presented a collection that many could define subdued. The models walked down the runway with straight hair, almost no make-up and wearing what I could only define as uniforms with a twist.
Marc Jacobs
The often too simple uniform-dresses where, in fact, embellished with incredibly huge buttons and pockets, and it was this mismatched proportion that turned out to be the collections strength. Like I said, they were uniforms with a twist and they were fabulous! 
Calvin Klein Collection
Simplicity in lines and colors was also key at Calvin Klein. Staying true to the brand esthetic designer and veteran runway Francisco Costa sent down the runway simple yet empowering outfits; most of the looks consisted in knee-length tunics worn with longer skirts or culottes all in the colors of navy, cream, 
black and occasionally red: simplicity at its finest.

Donna Karan
A big comeback this season was the one made by another runway veteran Donna Karan. While her latest collection had been, for lack of better words, underwhelming the one she presented these days was pop and vibrant yet classy, in one word…exciting. Bra tops paired with full skirts, scribbled doodle prints over sleek and minimal silhouettes where all elements that made this collection, in Karan’s word, “urban chic”. To – literally- top it off Karan introduced tall, Pharrell Williams-esque hats. She walked the fine line between costumey and chic, which ultimately made for a great show and even greater clothes.
Oscar de la Renta
Speaking of great clothes, Oscar de la Renta presented yet another one of his amazingly beautiful collection proving to us that he’s nowhere close to being done with fashion.His collection was a true ode to joy, beauty and femininity with its soft and delicate color palette, its floral prints and laces that made us sigh and dream it was us wearing such marvelous creations. His clothes might not be avant-garde or even unexpected but he sure does know how to make a girl feel special! 

Special was what Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy were going for. After a few not so brilliant seasons, the duo decided to go back to that earthy, ethereal vibe that made their clothes so exceptional in the first place; the result was spectacular.What we witnessed were modern, fashion forward, whimsical yet somehow wearable clothes that carried an aura of magic and effortless chic that only Rodarte is able to create.

The Row
A big standout of this fashion week was The Row’s collection: the clothes were quiet but each line, each movement, each seam spoke volumes to the abilities and craftsmanship behind each and every piece that walked down the runway.
After all, good clothes are what make a good collection and here there were plenty. With more than 140 shows, New York’s fashion week is the biggest of all but, as we all know, it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality and the quality of the work shown here these days was remarkable. The huge range of designers, styles, approaches and yes, even customers, is what makes this fashion week so exciting and what keeps us always coming back for more.   

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